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  Cylinder Head Department
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Cylinder Head Department

All cylinder heads are disassembled and put through our oven cleaning system. Then the cast iron heads are magnufluxed to check for cracks. The aluminum heads are pressure checked. All of the heads on our rebuilt engines receive brand new valve guides. (Knurling guides is not acceptable to us. Some rebuilders will do this to save money.) Valve seats are replaced with hardened seats as required. All of the heads receive a three angle valve job done on a state of the art Serdi machine. It cuts all three angles at once
to ensure 100% accuracy. Every head is then surfaced and checked for straightness on top and align bored or straightened as necessary. We use positive type seals and any bad springs, retainers or keepers are replaced upon assembly. One final check with a vacuum tester lets us know the valves are seated and the head is complete.