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  • All cast iron blocks, crankshafts, cylinder heads and intake manifolds are cleaned in our thermal oven system, then shot peened to look brand new.

  • Aluminum parts are jet washed cleaned.

Services Available in our

Machine shop

Connecting Rods

  • Wet magnaflux

  • Press pistons

  • Resize big ends

  • Install new bushings on small end and fit to size

  • Install pin locks


  • Weight match all pistons and pins

  • Weight match all small ends of connecting rods

  • Weight match total rod

  • On V-6, V-8 and V10 engines a bob weight is made to bolt on the crankshaft rod journal. This consists of the weight of a piston, pin, pin locks, small end of rod, total weight of rod, rings, rod bearings and a few grams for oil

  • Crankshafts are spun on balancer and either weight added or subtracted to meet balance requirements.

  • Some engines require the harmonic balancer along with the flex plate/flywheel to be bolted on while balancing.

Engine Block

  • Magnaflux to check for cracks

  • Bore for oversize pistons

  • Diamond CNC power hone to size, then plateau honed

  • Torque plates available for some engines

  • Align Hone main bearing housing bores

  • Square deck surface to mains

  • Pressure check

  • Install cam bearings


  • Wet magnaflux

  • Chamfer oil holes

  • Grind journals

  • Welding

  • Micropolish

Cylinder Heads

  • Magnaflux cast iron heads

  • Pressure test aluminum heads

  • Install new valve seats

  • Install new valve guides

  • Replace rocker studs

  • Cut valve seats with three angle cutter

  • Resurface valve face and polish stem

  • Surface/Mill

  • Vacuum test

  • Weld and machine aluminum heads